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  1. Hey all.

    I'm trying to pick a dedicated server for a survival games only server.
    Found a 2x Xeon X5650 w/ 48gb RAM and SSD for a good price. This CPU has a single thread benchmark of just 1,233 however.
    Is that enough to host 24 players (24 for each game of SG)? There's 24 cores total, 1 core per SG map (12-18 total maps) and 1 core for the hub (which could have 50-100 players at certain points).
    There will probably be less than 25 plugins. Will it handle it?

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    Aim for an e5 with over 32gb of ram
  3. Why would I do that?
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    E5s are good with handling smaller instances.
  5. But what's wrong with the server listed in OP? I'm aware the E5's will stomp it, but I also don't need to pay that much. If I can squeeze this onto the 5650, I will.
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    Honestly Ive never heard of that CPU but if the single threaded rating is that low you'll have a hard time with fixing lag issues.
  7. It would be just 24 players per server though.
  8. I run 95% of my network on a dual cpu Xeon 5520 setup. My creative server averages 50 players, it does occasionally lag, but then again it is bogged down with 97 configured plugins. I would assume your setup would work flawlessly.
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  9. Good to know, thank you.
    So is it recommended to have 1 survival games map/game per core? Or could I cram 2 on each core?
  10. 1 core should be fine.
    Also if you looking for a bungee based SG Plugin read my signature my friend made it.
    It's so fun and so configurable! Everything is configurable! Messages, Score board, Dynamic MOTD (so you can kinda hook into teleport signs, but don't have to) and it's only 9.95! (USD)It also comes with support by the dev, MySQL support, points, Voting GUI, fireworks for the winner (only in GameState.RESTART which is after death match and just before lobby.)
  11. I already own
  12. Ok. Just trying
    To help.

    Edit: why Wazups? His plugin is everywhere and so many servers use it, something like SGPremium only a few servers have it so it's more unique in the way of 'oh I played this exact thing before it was no fun all the servers have it'
  13. Also found an E3-1225v2 for same price. So what's the better choice for nothing but survival games w/ 12-18 maps + lobby?
    This E3 with 4 cores/threads. Single thread score -> 1,890
    The dual Xeon 5520 with 8 total cores and 16 threads. Single thread score -> 1,032
    It'll be a bungee server.
  14. The 5520 would be better as you could hold more per core and not as limited in terms of bungee compared to the 1225v2.

    Yes, the 1225v2 will offer more performance but can carry less sg servers while the 5520 carries a bit less performance but carries more servers.
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  15. Could you list all the options you've considered so far (CPU, RAM etc) and the price they accompany? I'll point out the most ideal one for a lot of smaller-ish SG servers.
  16. The servers are identical except the CPU. 2x 5520 or 1225v2. If a 24 player game of SG will be okay on 1 5520 core, I'll go with that.
  17. I personally, would not use an sg server, since the better the server= the more unique.
  18. If you intend to host many SG instances, go with the 2x5520. You shouldn't need the per-core performance of the 1225v2.
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  19. Not exactly. You can also innovate on what already exists.

    I thought so, just need conformation. Thank you.
    Just 1 map/game per core, right?
  20. x5650s are good processors, for 24 players per thread it should be fine.
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