Spigot DeepVanish 3.1.1

Become invisible/vanished for everyone on the server.

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    DeepVanish - Become invisible/vanished for everyone on the server.

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  2. does the plugin hides vanished plaers on the tablist?
  3. How do you add permissions to people?
  4. The permissions are listed on the Overview. If you are asking about what commands you need to use to give permissions, it really depends on what permissions plugin you are using. Let me know what permissions plugin you use, and I'll see what I can do to help.
  5. Yes it does. :)
  6. Does this also hide players from commands, such as /cmi near?
  7. Sadly not. I'm afraid for other plugins to know about which players are vanished, they'd have to have an agreed upon way to detect this. For example, the Essentials' command '/who' makes a list of online players that the server is keeping track of, but doesn't know if another plugin as deemed them to be vanished or not. At least this is the understanding I have about how it works.
  8. I updated FundamentalsX to limit what players are reported from '/List' and '/Who' if they're invisible from DeepVanish. ;)
  9. please change your Command from "/vanish" to "/dvanish" or something like that, im not sure but i thing it can cause Problems with Essentials.
  10. Could you be more specific please? I'd like to know what problem it presents before changing it. But I'm definitely happy to if there is a problem.
  11. i dont have Installed your Plugin but that should run normal Issues..

    if 2 Plugins have the same Command-Name i think it should cause an error and Essentials is a realy famous Plugin and i think nobody is going to uninstall it cuz you
  12. That isn't true at all. What happens is, whichever plugin registers the command on startup gets access to it. DeepVanish starts before Essentials, and therefore gets access to the vanish command. I've also run this plugin alongside Essentials and have had no trouble.
  13. Okay right, than im sorry im taking everything back
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  14. This is a very powerful plugin,Can completely replace Vanish in Essentials,And they are fully compatible!!
    I would like to reprint this DeepVanish plugin to a chinese minecraft forum(mcbbs).It is the largest minecraft forum in china.I need your 'Authorization' to do this.
    Many people in our country do not know spigotmc. If you reprint your plugin there, more people will know, if you like, I will keep your download link and original link, and complete the localization introduction, thank you
  15. I sent you a private message. Thank you for asking! (y):D
  16. Sikatsu


    Quite cool I found this, you don't update it anymore on bukkit?
  17. I haven't in a while, but I've been meaning to do so. I'll make sure to quite soon.