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  1. when a player presses the space bar what's the vanilla y-velocity?

    I want to mimic the vanilla jump by using spigot's `setVelocity`, I need to know what y velocity I need to set to replicate the vanilla jump
  2. Try using the PlayerVelocityEvent and printing out the velocity when you jump, also check if the velocity has a positive y-value before printing it so you don't get spammed when walking. Profit?

    Unless that event doesn't do what I think it does.
  3. @OkDexter12 the PlayerVelocity event only gets triggered when you get pushed away by an explosion or so.
    @NoobDoesMC Sadly nothing seems to tell you what the default jump velocity is.
    But you can play around a bit and test different values until you get tve same result. Maybe you will end up with anything like y = 0.265 or so.
  4. Player walking/sprinting/jumping doesn't actually count as velocity to spigot.
  5. server related velocity altering is unwise. It will always look weird and jittery
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  6. Try 0.42

    Edit: From MCP, the Jump code is:
    Code (Text):

        protected float getJumpUpwardsMotion()
            return 0.42F;

         * Causes this entity to do an upwards motion (jumping).
        protected void jump()
            this.motionY = (double)this.getJumpUpwardsMotion();

            if (this.isPotionActive(MobEffects.JUMP_BOOST))
                this.motionY += (double)((float)(this.getActivePotionEffect(MobEffects.JUMP_BOOST).getAmplifier() + 1) * 0.1F);

            if (this.isSprinting())
                float f = this.rotationYaw * 0.017453292F;
                this.motionX -= (double)(MathHelper.sin(f) * 0.2F);
                this.motionZ += (double)(MathHelper.cos(f) * 0.2F);

            this.isAirBorne = true;
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