Default Mob Spawn Rate, Different Between Vanilla vs Spigot/Bukkit?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by KtX2SkD, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Hello. To put things in perspective, my knowledge is medium regarding Minecraft Vanilla, and almost nothing on any non-Vanilla things.

    So, recently me & my friends converted our rented server to Spigot for the purposes of utilizing SkinsRestorer. Now one or two days since, some friends are suspecting a problem in hostile mob spawn rates, although two of them remarked on spawner-related, while the third one remarked on non-spawner rate.

    Now considering the issue happened just when we converted, it seems like it would be a Spigot/Bukkit related issue, but then again, we didn't change any settings and we only installed SkinsRestorer. I've looked up these two threads though (1 and 2), and I'm not certain but I think the 2nd one says Spigot/Bukkit adds a new worldwide limit? (can't see such a mention via a quick wiki check)

    Maybe the "how" of us converting Spigot/Bukkit might be relevant: Our host whom we're renting from has a nice menu option from which we select what version we want our server to become, kinda like a shortcut. So instead of doing all the work here, I literally clicked on a menu on the host's website, and changed the selection from "Vanilla 1.11.2" to "Spigot 1.11.2 R0.1", then restarted the server. Same went for SkinsRestorer, we didn't install it directly, we use some simplified interface to search and do a one-click install. If it's relevant, we converted while we had an existing world.

    So, to summarize and put it in question-form:
    • By just installing Spigot/Bukkit and not changing any configurations, would the mob spawn system (especially hostile) differ from Vanilla?
      • If yes:
        • What is the change? Is it (like I understand above) the addition of a max. amount of mobs present within view distance of all players combined? Or something else?
        • Also, would spawners be affected in some way?
      • If no, any clues what possible issues we might be experiencing?
    Could it be possible part of this is a host-specific issue? I'm already raising the issue with them, and also told them I'm posting here. I also told my friends who have spawner issues to compare time vs spawner item loot to estimate how many minutes in does the spawner stop spawning.

    Forward thanks for any assistance, and I hope I didn't omit any relevant info, but if I did then please by all means tell.

    Regards, KitCat.