Spigot DefensiveTurrets | Defend Yourself using Turrets! [1.8-1.16] 3.13.2

Mechanic in which users can place and upgrade Turrets to defend themselves against enemies

  1. Pero, ¿no se pueden agregar más?
  2. No, solo puedes modificarlas y personalizarlas
  3. Hye sweetie...
    I need some help.
    I attach my timing paste screenshot.

    link : https://ibb.co/fXZw3Lp

    How to fix's this?
    My tps sometime drop to 12tps or 6tps.
    But i like your plugin so much!
  4. Are you using the latest version of DefensiveTurrets? The timings issue should be fixed in the latest version!
  5. Thanks...
    Forgot to update.. sorry my bad.
    I have suggestion, can you make rocket turret someday?
    The ammo we can use arrow flame.
    Thanks <3
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  6. hey, you can add compatibility with guilds plugin ?
  7. Can you send me the link?
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  8. Hey is it possible to have more than 4 Turrets? I created more .yml files but after some trial and error I figured out it only reads 4 files ? I'm guessing it ignores the files names and reads the first 4 file names
  9. There are only 4 type of turrets, you can't create more.
  10. Is it possible to have it accept Minecraft's command block variables? Trying to have it run a pay command then run /dt give [turret] @p but I keep getting that the player isn't online
  11. Command blocks have nothing to do with plugins. However, you can create a plugin that executes the /dt give command wherever you want.
  12. I'm more asking if it's possible to add standard variables for DT to call and/or have /dt give [turret] default to giving the turret to the user who used the command. As someone who's not a developer the time sink it would require to POSSIBLY get up to the point where I could attempt to make a plugin unfortunately isn't something I'm able to do at this time. That's why I'm asking :)
  13. what would be the permissions to give players so they can spawn their own turret, I don't want to give them admin
  14. There is no command for that, players shouldn't give turrets by their own, or they can give themselves a LOT of turrets. You could use a kit plugin or sell the turrets on an inventory to give them to players.
  15. Could you please add more events? Something like TurretShotBulletEvent and TurretDamageEntityEvent and make them cancellable? I have my own protection plugin (similar to ProtectionsStones) and I want the players to not be killed inside protections because of this. And maybe add support for Advanced Clans as well? Thank you!
  16. Could you send me via private message, the exact method/event you need? With variables :)
  17. Tengo una pregunta ¿cuales son los nodos de permisos que tengo que ponerle a todos los usuarios me los puedes poner en un comentario a parte pofabor?
  18. Estos son los permisos del plugin:
    Code (Text):
    - defensiveturrets.admin
    - defensiveturrets.admin.open (Allows to open other people's turrets)
    - defensiveturrets.use.<turret_name> (If per_turret_permissions is enabled on the config)
    - defensiveturrets.limit.X (If turret_limit_permissions is enabled on the config. For example, groups with the permission defensiveturrets.limit.5 will be able to place a maximum of 5 turrets. If a group doesn't have a limit permission the default limit will be used.)
    - defensiveturrets.options.attackmonsters
    - defensiveturrets.options.attackplayers
    - defensiveturrets.options.attackanimals
  19. Yes I did upload_2020-4-5_17-30-31.png

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