Solved Delay on /kit command

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  1. Hello.

    I want to make a delay with the command / kit war, /kit....

    I have try with the kit in essentials but thé delay didn't work.

    So i need help ^^
    And can i make a delay on a permissions in permissionsex ?
  2. Should be able with EssentialsX, do note that delay is in seconds.
  3. Yes i made 80000 in delay
  4. You can't create a delay kit based on permissions, because EssentialsX supports kits with delay. But if you want to bypass the delay use permission. Usually OPs has it by default.
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  5. How can i make a delay on a permission in plugin permissionsex ?
  6. l told you already you can't do it "delay permission".
  7. Yes but do repar delay on essentials kit because he doesn't work
  8. Post your essentials config.yml and the version of Essentials you are currently using. I'll take a look.