Suggestion Delete own resources?

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Should we be allowed to do this?

  1. YAS

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  2. nah

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  1. Hey guys, idk about this but I think we should be able to delete our resources, if they're not update anymore etc?

    Because of this
    You should only have access to this if you have 2fa enabled, and it asks you TWICE if you want to delete the resource @md_5

    Thanks - Adam
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  2. Report it and done.
  3. Yeah, but it's nice to have the option?
  4. The issue here is premium plugins, I would prefer authors of premium plugins, paticulararly after they have been purchased to not disppear.
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  5. It should be disabled on premium resources
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  6. That, or premium resources with 0 purchasers, i.e. if you have accidently submitted a resources as premiun; though that may seem unlikely.
  7. Yeah, you could always remove the resource by reporting it.

    I just think it's nice to remove your own resources at the click of a button
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  8. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    We'd rather not encourage people to just wipe things off the face of the planet - especially since they can't get it back. This is more an issue with threads than resources, but nonetheless I think stuff should at least be looked at by staff before being removed.
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  9. Fair point.
  10. In my opinion deleting resource should be made more difficult. Anyone who hacks your password can delete your resources. It would be better to send a mail with a link to accept their resource removal.
  11. 2fa
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  12. As said above, it's your job to ensure the security of your account, not Spigot's.
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