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  2. That is like trying to return loaf of bread, with a 5 day return day, then they wait 5 days to return it.

    IDK if paypal does, but try to get a refund with them.
    What is this host's name, they sound terrible.
  3. WHAT!? WINDOWS WILL RUN ON FRICKIN 512MB OF RAM! They are so rude.
    Now I say file a complaint with the FTC
  4. The hosting company should be basing the time off when the request for refund was put in.. It's unfair for them to just wait 10 days then say, "oops sorry!".
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    Maybe that's your problem, you're going with hosts who people have never heard of. Look for a company that's more well known and reviewed.
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  6. I would collect the ticket documentation and open the dispute. They might try to report you to a fraud site but if you provide documentation that proves you are right (e.g. Ticket stamps from it was opened till they answered), they will get in big trouble. Which they surely deserves for making such threats.
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    You can dispute FraudRecord claims.
  8. I submitted tons of stuffs to them and I never heard back from them. I emailed them all the details that they asked for and etc of course.
  9. Don't hesitate to bump your ticket! Sometimes hosts don't respond to disputes, and tickets get stuck in the on hold status.

    I'm actually developing a new way that allows you to dispute the reports yourself, and the host has to respond, otherwise you win automatically. Even if you don't necessarily win, the report displays the dispute and every host can decide for themselves, reading both sides of the story.

    I'll listen to your side of the story as well, if they report you on FraudRecord, don't worry.
  10. Thanks you for the reply regarding this, I has reported the report with the proofs that I has tried talking the provider first. Which is why I resorted to FraudRecord support to dispute the report.

    I am glad to see however that it in the works to directly report the posts myself as this one provider basically slanderous about what I "did" with them. Then the second was an exaggeration of the action I did.

    Adding something like this will hopefully teach these providers that they need to report with legitimately in mind.
  11. Their site is in two DIFFERENT languages, why would you even give them a chance?
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    OVH is in two different languages and their English grammar is way off.....that doesn't make them a bad provider. Not everyone is from the USA, England, or Australia ;-)
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  13. The details on the main site are in two different languages. Go to their site, scroll down it goes from English to Swedish or Norwegian.
  14. The lower area (that is in Estonian) is their news/press releases, primarily about acquisitions and service/feature launches by the look of it. They aren't actual details about the service itself.

    My guess is that they market primarily towards the Estonian market and don't care to translate their news to English.
  15. Great way to get North American customers.
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  16. That's pretty clearly not their intended market. Many providers in this world choose to only market to their home country, and this is one of them. Their data center is in Estonia, the network is designed for Estonia.

    Though I'm sure they get more than a few Russians.
  17. Good reason to run away from them.
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  18. You learnt this the hard way... NEVER pay for multiple months until you get a feel for their servicing for at least a couple of months. I would do month to month billing for at LEAST a quarter of the year before considering discounted longer billing cycles.
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    Not necessarily, there are tons of very established companies. I think this is a case by case basis.
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