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  2. You *could* use Allatori for this if it does not work with Eclipse.
  3. Using maven would be recommended as you can export your project including these dependencies.
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  4. Confront yourself with maven. Maven shade plugin is your solution.
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    File -> New -> Maven Project. Set up your required fields (artifact name, which is the name of the resulting .jar. This should be your plugin name), the package declaration, version and whatever else. Setting up the pom should be done automatically. If you Google "Maven Shade Plugin", you will find plenty of tutorials to help you from there. Spigot also has a Maven repository which you can find with another Google search
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  7. Create a libs folder next to your .jar file and place in all your libs. Or if you don't care of the file size, you could just add the source code of the lib to your project.
  8. Are you building with maven? Is your pom correct?
  9. In the dependencies for all the JARs you want to compile with:
    Code (Text):
    Dynamic Class loading. Go look that up on StackOverflow.