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  2. With a list of signs and a list of available game servers, iterate through each sign and assign an available game server.
  3. Keep the signs assigned to a GameId (hoping you might have an ID for each game?) using a Map. This way you could easily access the sign assigned with the game, and edit it to your likings.
  4. So you have bungeecord and different servers? You'd have to resolve to some external database (maybe MongoDB?) in order for all servers to be able to access the data.
  5. Do you successfully send the data?
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    To chime in my 2 cents here... why don't you have an Arena or Game object (or anything similar. Don't care what you call it, really)? This object should hold everything to do with the game including active players, spawn locations, game states, logic, join signs, and anything else related to the game. If you don't have an object to manage all of that, I could only imagine what your codebase looks like.
  7. That's what I thought as well.
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    Eh, it would still be slightly more organized to have some sort of object to manage everything regarding arenas. That aside though, it's not really the issue at hand :p Seems like you're getting help. I just wanted to chime in
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