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  2. ok first up can you explain better, I don't know whether I'm blind or you aren't using proper punctuation in your thread to a point where I can't read it clearly. What rank plugin? A Rank GUI? What Rank plugin do you want to work with EssentialsX, I don't get how they are supposed to work together. Essentials is a plugin to make your life easier while a rank plugin is the same as a permissions plugin that manages permissions in your server.

    What do you want for an outcome?

    Can you tell me what it means by "doesnt work"? Logs??
  3. Do you have Vault installed?
  4. From the EssentialsX Spigot page:
    "EssentialsX requires Vault to enable chat prefix/suffixes and group support if you have a supported permissions plugin."
  5. Vault supports it, so it should work fine.