(Deleted bc of abuseive staff on spigot)

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  1. NVM finding help on a useful site that doesnt delete my posts for replying to disrespect/lies
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  2. foncused

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    Moved to Spigot Plugin Help.

    Please be careful not to bump your threads so soon - the last few posts were removed to keep your thread on topic.
  3. i
    bumped it once
    and replied to some1 saying i bumped it multiple times disagreeing with them
    nvm gonna go find help from some useful site
  4. Can you write better this message?
  5. Choco


    Perhaps if you're finding your threads being removed frequently, you're the problem, not those around you. The moderators on this website are far from abusive, foncused especially. I presume that the reason your threads are being deleted is due to the attitude you presented in this thread after receiving a respectable and polite response from @foncused explaining the removal of your threads while also moving this one to the correct subforum. Regardless of the website you participate in, if they're going to allow this type of attitude, I can't imagine it will be all that great of a website to begin with.
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