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  1. Deleted SRC :( mistake
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  2. Here a couple thing I want in a panel,

    • Multi server management
    • Monitoring multiply servers (players, tps, cpu/ram usage)
    • Bungee support, custom panel for bungee
    • It too be open source :p
    Hope this helped :)
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  3. Yes it did! Thank you so much! I will add these features. Yes, it will be open source.
  4. So, you can add, a dynmap?

    #fun: A custom sentences like WordPress :D
  5. DynMap, Like a button to view the map?

    A custom sentances? Explain?
  6. Yes!

    When the admin connect at the footer a random sentences appears. :)
  7. I am sorry, I don't quite understand. Is there a website that you found having this? What is the WordPress plugin link?
  8. I think what he means is that when a user goes to the control panel, an random message (I assume configurable) is displayed in the footer of the web panel.
  9. Doc


    Group system with permissions?
    Group "helper", only restart servers and not use webftp..?
  10. If that is it. I really see no point. I will add it if at least 5 people ask for it. It's not really a big thing. Sorry.

    That is actually a really good idea! Yeah, that can easily be done. Probably with a MySQL check. Group number.
  11. Added Update logs. Keep watch of the thread if you are interested.
  12. It's still alive <3 It is as good as it looks!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  13. Serializator


    Maybe have a permission system and every group has specific permissions and that you can choose a group when you add the user instead of two standard groups.

    Also, it would probably be useful to be able to set the permissions of a player directly, those permissions override the group permissions of they're different for example.

    I still don't understand how people can be so creative and make something that looks so nice. I can do HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and those things but by lack of creativity is the problem!
  14. Maybe in a later build.

    I need some help, want to help? I will handle the design. PM'ed
  15. At most 5 beta testers needed. If everything goes alright. PM Me to reserve your beta spot.
  16. UPDATE: Adding one more feature, if all goes well expect a beta release soon.
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