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  1. SouthCraft submitted a new resource:

    SyncCommands - Sync commands from Player or Spigot server to Bungeecord console.

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  2. Today the plugin allows for commands to be run player->player, player->Spigot console and player->Bungee console.

    Can you please add Bungee console->Spigot console and Bungee console->player? That would help my admins and moderators to moderate the Minecraft network with ease without having to log into Minecraft. Commands can then be run off-site through PurpleBungeeIRC and Discord.

    Thank you in advance. Crossing my fingers you are able to help with this.
  3. Is it possible to add a command queue system? So if a server is offline, it stores the command in a database (in the proxy) until the target server comes back online?