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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Exemption, Jul 10, 2015.

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  2. Inkzzz

    Resource Staff

    I've seen this plugin as a resource.
  3. Link? :D
  4. Why do you wanna copy mineplex anyway, be unique :cool:
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  5. Again read the thread all the way through, states how I was making it for them but then resigned and made it for personal reasons, also how I said I do not use this no more and was wanting to see if anyone wants to continue it.
  6. JamesJ


    Basically you used your position on Mineplex (as a Helper) to find out their punishment system, and then use that on your own server....
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  7. I think its not an great idea to just release it, you used your rank for your own stuff, dont think people will appreciate it
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  8. Wrong, I actually had no care of their punishment system until the later days as staff on the server, after talking with some of the members I was telling them about making a more improved system that will automatically create SRs (Staff Reports) and send them to the website, but after I resigned I had to need to finish the code and just used it on a personal server. Even to this day the code is not being continued as I have quit using it.
  9. Not realeasing it, I am in search for someone to continue the code and take good care of it.
  10. Ive made a SQL cross server punish system (GUI) within 8 or so hours.
    You could have finished it yourself if you wasnt faffing about on here
  11. xD what is faffing? Anyways the point I am saying is that I dont need nor care to finish it as I have no use of it anymore
  12. If you want to write it, write it. Who cares if it's a copy.
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  13. I tried to access it and it denies me every time.
  14. Yea Someone deleted it :/ And by someone some Spigot staff
  15. Could you send it to me privatly. I really want it. Please give me a media fire download or something. I beg. You really don't know how much that would help me.
  16. I would really like to use this for my server, could you please send this to me privately? This will enhance my server greatly!
  17. You should consider NOT copying Mineplex! :D
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  18. WHAT??! I am not copying Mineplex in the slightest!!
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