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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Exemption, Jul 10, 2015.

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  1. As we see a rare Mysticate Jr Dev of Mineplex in his natural habitat.

    Love how all the Jr Devs on Munkplex are complaining about copying XD
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  2. I would like to continue this project for free.
  3. I would love to see your continued product! This is something every server should have, yet so rare among servers.
  4. Yeah, I hope the plugin owner will share the source, so i can continue it and upload it here. (If i have permission)
  5. Yes I was looking for someone to carry it on. But I will probably just have to recode the whole thing since its like months old.

    No worries tho I still have videos and blueprints of how the system works, still valuable ;)

    EDIT: Fun fact, this even got Defek7's attention back in June, I call that an accomplishment.
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    The people who are involved in Mineplex aren't the only people who are complaining. I'm not talking about Mineplex specifically but copying an idea in isn't gonna make you more popular most of the time.
  7. Did you even read my post? I specifically said I made this for them but that changed of plans and used it for my own. Tho do have to say really close to the exact thing, call it copying but pretty sure that was the point when I posted this, so yes I know it's "copying"
  8. Can someone send this to me privately? Exemption, we can work out details of this transition sometime.
  9. No one else has it. It was discontinued and is no longer supported. But I may make a new version soon :)
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    I only want to say that people who are involved in Mineplex aren't the only people who are complaining.
  11. Updating is easy, even if it uses packets and NMS its easy again :D
  12. You finished it? If so and if you are almost finished, add me on skype: elliott.storer
  13. No, I don't have the source code.
  14. Doesn't sound like a bad thing. I can help take over if you need.
  15. What's the fun in having plugins be an exact replica of a popular one :( it ruins the whole point of the main server that has it. I hate it when people recreate gadgets that people try on and get no credit for. Example: ISach made the gadgets in his UltraCosmetics plugin have lots of mineplex ones. It makes me hate myself even though I didn't do anything. Why can't people just like the plugin on that server and just enjoy it there, not somewhere else. (My opinion guys :p)
  16. Yea I dont use this plugin with you and completly agree, but I made this for testing and to just share with peeps I guess :p
  17. What is the plugins download i really want the punish plugin
  18. Plugin is now private
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