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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Exemption, Jul 10, 2015.

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  1. Am I the only one that's like 4 times faster with commands instead of a gui?
  2. Im with you there too xD I dont use GUIs anymore
  3. JamesJ


    GUIs are bae.
  4. I have to agree on that :p I have guis for warps kits and everything but not punishing since they take so long :(
  5. I would definitely be interested :D Please release it again.
  6. This thread is months old, and he has given it up.
  7. Can I Have A Download Of The Real Mineplex Punishment System For HYPIXEL I'm The Owner
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  8. Cool. I own Google
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  9. That actually makes no sense. Why get it from mineplex and have it ported to Hypixel? If you really want one, make it yourself (that's the only way you can get it) other than that; not possible.

    It's funny how you claim you are the owner of Hypixel and yet say you want the mineplex plugin. They are 2 different LLC's and run different ways.
  10. What Are You Talking About This Guy Is Obviously Legit. Only The Real HYPIXEL Capitalises Every Single Word.
  11. I have literally tried for over a month to lock this, I guess it's cursed.
  12. Cldfire

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    *locks thread*

    Hmm? What curse? I don't see one... o_O
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