Deleting folder and remaking?

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  1. Hey there, im wondering how i would modify my startup file to delete the current world on the server, then regenerate the world. In a sense every time the server restarts I want a new world.
    Sorry for plain question or no detail, just all that there is to say really.
  2. prplz


    What operating system? What kind of startup file?
  3. if you are using Linux platform, i believe you could just add the following to your start scipt:

    cd /<directorywhereserveris>
    rm -rf <worldname>
    <Insert your current Java start shit here>

    so basically what that is doing is changing to the directory where the world is located, removing the world, then starting your server (Which should generate a new world)
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  4. Im using a linux based server :)
    alex_markey thanks for that aswell!
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