Deluge Client Anti-Plugin System

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  1. Well, i've found a client ,,Deluge,, and there's an option to see all the plugins of a server, even if there's ,,HideAndCustomPlugins,, Anyone know how to solve that? Please...
  2. A client can't access the server's plugin list unless they have access to /plugins
    It's impossible
  3. It's simply using /<TAB> to get all commands, then it is filtering all plugins out of the list of all commands. Just get a plugin which is blocking Command-Tab-Completing ^^
  4. That can be done in Spigot.yml (or bukkit.yml)
  5. @Lori00
    But then you're blocking all tab-completions, not only of users ^^
  6. Well... In my opinion its not that needed... Besides, before doing that, make sure players dont have access to /pl - usually, the permission is granted by default hence you need to revoke it.
  7. You can simply Block it with the PlayerChatTabCompleteEvent from Bukkit/Spigot.
  8. Thats only the completion of playernames
  9. You'd have to either fix it with ProtocolLib (or generally packets), or block it with a bungee plugin.
  10. Client that allows access to list of plugins? GREAT, that means, if I am using skripts, they won't be able look at my skripts, nice n' easy
  11. There are many clients that can do this thought I have downloaded one and tested it on my server and with this plugin, you cannot get your servers plugins.
  12. bukkit.yml
    Code (Text):
    Set that to false (true by default), and query will not send out plugin list.
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