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  1. So i want Deluxe Menus that if i have 100 currency in-game, that i have that kit without buying just if i have 100 i can see the green glass pane but i doesnt seem to work. :( Everything i tried it shows the red stained glass bu i have 100 currency ingame(?). I have the vault placeholders installed but it doesnt work anyone help me pls.

    Code (Text):
    check_updates: true
        menu_title: '&8Upgrade your kit!'
        open_command: uptest
        size: 9
            material: head;%player_name%
            slot: 0
            display_name: '&aHey &f%player_name%'
            - '&aYou opened a GUI menu'
            - '&aThis menu is just for you!'
            - '[close]'
            - '[player] help'
            - '[close]'
            material: STAINED_GLASS_PANE
            data: 5
            amount: 1
            slot: 1
            priority: 1
            view_requirement: '%vaulteco_balance% > 99'
            display_name: '&aTank &8- &7Level 2'
            - '&aYou can select this kit!'
            - '[console] kit Tank %player_name%'
            - '[close]'
            material: STAINED_GLASS_PANE
            data: 14
            amount: 1
            slot: 1
            priority: 2
            display_name: '&cTank &8- &7Level 2'
            - '&cYou can not select this kit!'
            - '&c100 Kills for unlock!'
            - '[console] kit Tank %player_name%'
            - '[close]'
    I dont get errors btw
  2. Response pls????????????? ;(
  3. If I'm correct I think you can't use single quotes ( ' ) in a key name. So instead of '1' do one.
  4. You can, that is generated when you first start the plugin didnt mess with that
  5. I didn't quite understand your post, could you rephrase?
  6. The 3rd one is red because the pane is set to the color red
  7. I want if a player has 100 dollars than that player can see the green glass pane in the menu. but if he has less than 100 i want him to see the red glass pane. But what ever i try its not working im only seeing the red glass but i have more than 100 dollars
  8. It's because you set the red glass pane to have priority.
  9. what do you mean?
  10. Anyone know a good Multiverse alternative?
  11. That is totally off-topic, go make a new thread.
  12. lol okay sure :)