DeluxeChat and essentials nicks

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  1. hey everyone
    Whenever i try to do /nick Hello or any nick, it does show up in tab, which is what i want but when i just type in "hi" or anything it still is my own nick... here is my config
  2. Don't use %player% as that's literally the player name, %player_displayname% is the nickname
  3. Fixed - Thanks. However, now it says the prefix [Member] twice, just like this:
    [Member] [Member] ~Example:
    How can i fix this?
  4. Sorry completely jumped the gun, replace what I said earlier with %essentials_nickname%
  5. That does not seem to work. Instead of my displayname or playername, it now gives me: %essentials_nickname% as name.
  6. Have you got essentials installed? And have you got the essentials hook enabled?
  7. Try enable the hook then do /dchat reload true and it will work.
  8. ^ It was the hook, thanks. Fixed.
  9. One question: I actually want my nicks to have a tilde (~) at the beginning, and that tilde doesn't show up. How do i add that? And yes, it is added in the essentials config.
  10. It should be changeable in the essentials config.
  11. I've added %essentials_nickname% as placeholder, perhaps that's the problem? Because it only shows the nickname and not anything before that?
  12. Don't add it as a placeholder, just enable the hook in the config and it'll do the work for you.
  13. Okay, which placeholder do i use for the name in the default format? %player_displayname%?
  14. To have a name, one is permitted to add a Placeholder or you will have no name. Do i use %player_displayname%?
    Edit: %player_displayname% works, however, the prefix is showing up twice when i use %player_displayname%:
  15. To show name use player, for display name it's display name and for essentials nickname it's nickname
  16. Do you know any fix for the screenshot where the prefix shows up twice? As %player_displayname% is the only placeholder that uses tilde (~), i am permitted to use it.
  17. Remove the prefix from the other thing
  18. %player_displayname% is currently broken, don't use it. You'll just have to use %player_name% and %essentials_nickname%