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  1. @clip So i just bought Deluxechat and cant understand anything...
    So i go into my server and say something and the placeholders dont work... my prefix shows up as "%vault_groupprefix%" or something and my name shows up as "%player% i installed ur placeholderapi plugin and reloaded serveral times plz help,,, @clip
    Btw: this is the config:
  2. That's the way you setup your default group...

    Code (Text):
        priority: 2147483647
        channel: ''
        prefix: '&7[%vault_groupprefix%&7] '
        name_color: '&b'
        name: '%player%'
        suffix: '&7> '
        chat_color: '&f'
        - ''
        - '%player%'
        - '&bRank: %vault_group%'
        - ''
        - ''
        channel_click_command: /ranks
        prefix_click_command: /ranks
        name_click_command: '/msg %player% '
        suffix_click_command: ''
    I recommend watching some vids about the plugin like this one:

  3. i pasted the new code and also watched the video, but the placeholders still arent working in the chat just show up as "%player% and all :"(
  4. You have to install PlaceholderAPI. This plugin allows you to download small extensions which contain the placeholders you're looking for.

    When installed you can use the command /papi ecloud download <extension>. Extensions can be found on this website; the clickable link is the name of the extension you can use in the mentioned command.

    When that's all set up you can use this list of placeholders.

    The default placeholders in the DeluxeChat configuration files are all broken and have to be replaced with ones from the list above.
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  5. All placeholders are now handled by PlaceholderAPI for that plugin, the default configuration generated is wrong and will not work, you will have to do something like "/papi ecloud download player" and use the %player_name% placeholder (extremely unclear in my opinion and needs to be plug and play with the basic placeholders) @clip
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  6. That video would now be outdated due to the major changes with the placeholder system deluxechat had recently.

    OP, please join the support discord where I or one of the many others can help you out. You can find the link on all of clips resource pages.
  7. will do, thankyou :)