Spigot DeluxeCommands 1.10.0

Create custom text commands which utilize JSON and allows player specific placeholders!

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    extended_clip submitted a new resource:

    DeluxeCommands - Create custom text commands which utilizes JSON and allows player specific placeholders!

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  3. Another great plugin from extended_clip <3
  4. The plugin works on BungeeCord ?
  5. extended please, make this plugin the variable %kills% %time% in the board of EzRankLite and DeluxeChat :D
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    This will not be added to EZRanksLite but there are many placeholders to show kills in DeluxeChat. As for %time% I will look into it.

    This is a Spigot plugin.
  7. Ok thanks.
  8. I'm so happy this came out... And from my favorite plugin dev too! :D
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  10. Is it possible to add a %uuid% or %player_uuid% variable? this would help a lot also great Plugin :D
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    Yeah. I dont know why I haven't added that placeholder.
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  12. When is the %target_player% placeholder getting put in?
  13. Love this plugin, but one thing.

    Is it possible to make Bukkit's commands.yml alias with DeluxeCommands? This is the only plugin I've ever had not work with an alias.

    For example I have a DeluxeCommands command called TeamSpeak.

    In commands.yml I'd add:

    - teamspeak

    and it'd alias /ts -> /teamspeak

    For some reason this doesn't appear to be working but works with every other plugin.

    Any help would be appreciated! If this isn't possible, could you add a config variable for aliasing commands?

    Thanks a ton.
  14. Also, any possibility for a TPS placeholder? :)
  15. Sorry for bumping again.

    Thought I'd add that commands don't register in things like Essentials Social Spy either.

    It'd be super awesome if it's at all possible to make the commands register as per normal so other plugins can see them.

  16. Um This Allows you to create Custom Commands that show variables or Custom text Not Aliases. If you want to want it say the same thing then copy and paste it and change the name to ts instead of teamspeak
  17. I'm well aware of what the plugin does. I'm asking if he can make it so it registers the "Custom Commands" so I can alias them through Bukkit's commands.yml?

    It's not an insane suggestion...

    What is an insane suggestion, is having me duplicate every single command I want an alias of. (i.e. there's a LOT) :)

    Another thing that is not possible is having Social Spy register commands created by DeluxeCommands, as it says the commands don't exist.
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  18. Idea:

    Code (Text):
      stats %player_name%:
        permission: some.custom.permission
        no_permission_message: '&cYou don''t have permission to use this cool custom command!'
        - '[text]&aThe player %player_name% have %ezblocks_broken% blocks broken'
    Or already possible with other format ?
  19. @extended_clip sorry to bother you but how would I mimic the stats command? Also you should create a custom gui plugin x) Or at least a stats gui plugin. Honestly you are my most favorite dev. All your plugins are well-thought and well tested. They usually have little bugs and when reported you squash those pesky critters instantly.
  20. hi,

    I'm using this plugin and i can say its really awesome but i'm also wondering if we can execute command or change commands with a player involved like /op <playername> : i really like to set someone on fire or something if they try to op them self. < this is just a stupid thing to do> i can understand if we cannot execute directly commands but is it possible to use something like this?

    permission: custom.op
    no_permission_message: '&cYou don''t have permission to use this command!'
    - '{"text":"Confirm OP ","color":"gold"}&&{"text":"Click here!","color":"dark_red","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/burn %player% 10"}}'

    And also can i execute 2 commands first the burn and also a say command to warn him for the next time? (i tried and searched for it and i cannot find it.

    Many thanks for this plugin it makes my server a lot more custom ;)