Spigot DeluxeJoin 2.9.2

Highly customizable permission based join and leave "action" plugin with tons of placeholders!

  1. Can DeluxeJoin broadcast custom sounds from server resource pack?
  2. u could use deluxe join to execute a custom registered command where some other plugin plays the sound, ie MyCommand
  3. I've been trying for 3 days to get the appropriate player name to display on login and log-off messages, but if I use player_name it displays my own name.
    Player shows just that, 'player'.
    Player_Displayname also only shows my own name.

    What am I doing wrong?
  4. Nevermind, Idk what I did but it appears to be working all of a sudden.
  5. Could you add support for PV, as now. Everyone see the leave message when he/she is in vanish.

    What you explained there is the expected behavior. PremiumVanish only messes with join/quit message if the player is vanished, it doesnt touch them when the player isnt vanished. I believe that it's not PremiumVanish's job to change them if you're not vanished since that's the job of a join/quit message plugin like for example Essentials (you can modify the default join/quit messages in Essentials config). PremiumVanish just replaces the standard ones with a joined/quit silently if the joining player is vanished because other admins that are allowed to see the joining player should know that the player is vanished so they dont greet that player and dont spoil him joining.

    If the player isnt in vanish, then the standard join/leave messages should show up as if PV wasnt installed.
    Yeah he can use that or he can use the actual API as documented in PV's description.
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  6. Is their a has item variable? Instead of money? So cost a particular item instead of money.
  7. Will there be a update to 1.13?
  8. Does it not work on 1.13? If not, then yes.
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  9. smmmadden


    edit: does NOT work on Spigot 1.13 Server built today (7/24/2018)
    #249 smmmadden, Jul 23, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  10. @smmmadden
    Spigot 1.13 Server latest version

    I wasn't able to load it.

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  11. No it dosent work for craftbukkit 1.13 as of right now.
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  13. I have tried a bit, but before i waste more time is it possible to get this working on bungee? so it broadcasts the join / leave message over the network. i am also using delux chat across the network.
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  15. smmmadden


    also tested with PaperSpigot-192 (1.13.1) and it does not load on it either. Same exception during startup that it isn't supported.
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  16. Needs to be updated for 1.13.1 it appears. Would greatly appreciate an update! thanks for your hard work

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  17. Yes We too would love an update to 1.13.1 @clip
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  18. Yeah 1.13.1 support would be awesome :D
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  19. Please update 1.13.1!
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