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  1. (My english is bad,sry)
    So,i got this problem. I have DeluxeMenu plugin,and DeluxeHub plugin.
    In DeluxeHub plugin,When you join you will be able to get items like Compass or something to open GUI Tab,and i have it too. Now,i created DeluxeMenu GUI-s,and they can be opened only by command like /menu,/help. Is there any way so i can open these menus with items,and not commands? Like when i press right click on Nether Star,GUI "Main Menu" opens.
  2. Hello, if you can do it, it's very simple, you just need another plugin.✪-superlobbydeluxe-1-8-8-1-15-x-✪.20400/
    you can use this
    simply in superlobby in the menu configuration put the commands you have in your DeluxeMenu and you can customize the type of items to open the menus