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  1. Some mistakes?
  2. Yeah i think so but i can't find them. That's why i posted config.
  3. I mean if there are errors in the console..
  4. There are no errors in console, i think i just have something mistake in config.
  5. Maybe here:
    Code (YAML):
           - "&8• &7Buy for: &c$&f100"
            - "&8• &7Sell for
    : &a$&f25"
    Try replacing the " with '
  6. Nah, that's only lore for that item. I think the problem will be somewhere here:

    1. right_click_requirement:
    2. requirements:
    3. Item:
    4. type: string equals
    5. input: '%player_hasitem-mat:GRANITE-amt:1%'
    6. output: 'yes'
  7. If there are no errors in the console, I don't know what to tell you.
  8. Use Shopgui+ and there will be no problems
  9. Ok, thanks for your help. ;)
  10. I know this is old but I believe it had to do with '%player_hasitem-mat:GRANITE-amt:1%', you are just able to set the type on requirement to, has item instead