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  1. I want to make a warp menu, I made it. But now I want every warp to have permission and to change items when they have and don't have permission.
  2. Not sure about changing items according to permission but you can add a "view_requirement" as shown in example below:

    In order to use view requirements, the item must have a priority value and a valid javascript expression that returns true or false.

    material: DIAMOND
    slot: 3
    priority: 1
    view_requirement: '%vaulteco_balance% > 100'
    material: IRON_INGOT
    slot: 3
    priority: 2
    view_requirement: 'BukkitPlayer.hasPermission("some.permission")'
    material: STONE
    slot: 3
    priority: 3

    In the example above, the priority 1 item view requirement will be checked first, if a player has over 100 dollars, that item will be shown.
    If the player does not meet the requirement for the first item, the item with priority 2 will be checked. If the player does not have the permission
    node some.permission, the final item 'item_three' will be set to slot 3 as the player did not meet the requirement for the first 2 items with a higher priority.

    Source: DeluxeMenus config file.
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  3. You can also make it a click_requirement so that people will get a no permission message when they click it.
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