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    ClickMenus - Open player specific GUI menus when clicking players or by command!

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  3. This place has been taken over by an banana.
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    Now I kind of feel bad :/

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  5. 0,50,- isn't that much :p
  6. All your plugins are great and useful. I'm sure this will be a really good way to show stats for others + it has DeluxeChat and your API support so yeah, awesome! Just one suggestion, some how implement support to view own gui?
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    Just open it by command with your name specified: /cm open <yourname> (menuName)

    My idea for this was to not only allow you to make stat menus, but also maybe make admin based menus where your admins can open menus and perform actions:

    Right click to kick,
    ban, etc....

    Since menus are permission based and you can create as many you want, the possibilities are endless...
  8. Is this going to be a better version then ChestCommands?
  9. Alright, awesome. Would be great to have a [op] supported command like you have [player] and [console]
    [op] command will be ran as the player is typing the command but it will allow player to bypass any permission restrictions.
  10. Could you add a click command that lets you send players to another server on a Bungee network?
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    Sure. Will add tomorrow but this really isn't meant to be that type of GUI plugin.
  12. can you add support for world or region so they cannot shift click players? and also add support for numbers you want the item to be placed eg line 9 and you open the gui it will be on line 9
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  13. My reasoning for wanting this is because of your large library of placeholders, which ChestCommands is missing.

    For example:
    People have been begging for ChestCommands to add a bungee player count placeholder, as seen here, and here, and here.
    Your plugin includes that functionality with %bungeecord_<servername>%, which is great.
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    So happy to see this made, thanks!
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    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    How many ingenious plugins are you going to make ;-; lol, great job man. Looking forward to using this!
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  17. It's not really any use to me but nice plugin ;)
  18. Can you make it animated?
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    Nah, I would prefer the plugin to be somewhat efficient . as it is based around the use of placeholders, I would rather only obtain the Values one time instead of every x milliseconds to make it animated.
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