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    Ty will fix soon.
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    @Snoop1CattZ69 are you on my discord? If so could you dm me there. If not could you join. I would like to have you test to see if the issue above is resolved for you.

  3. How to get players to run commands as OP ?
  4. if i'm not mistaken
    Code (Text):

        - '[console] eco take %player_name% 35000'
  5. https://www.planetminecraft.com/for...acks/new-1-14-custom-item-models-tuto-578834/

    can you add Support For CustomModelData?
    It's like the unbreaking but better for 1.14, Works on 1.14+
    It gives seperate items the functions and gives their own Ability's so you can make 3D stew or a diffrent carrot and it will keep the properties.
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  7. :(
    This is a console command, not a OP command. Some command consoles do not execute correctly. For example: / co I, the console cannot specify which player can execute the command.
  8. add permission to player for the moment, execute command from player and remove permission after


    Code (Text):
    [console] zperm player %player_name% set some.permission true
    [player] /executesomecommand
    [console] zperm player %player_name% set some.permission false
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  10. Can we please have parameters to be passed into menus?
    So I can make a /menu <username> and I can use that variable inside the menu! Then I can have things like a GUi menu for admins to do admin tasks, or a player one to click on commands related to them.
  11. Hey !

    It's not possible to add auto updater of the actual matieral that are set, because I have 80 GUI's to change to 1.12 ID's.. And I must update to have the bug fixes.. :/
  12. It's planned to add support for arguments in the future, I believe we're just waiting for all the bugs to be worked out first before anything big like that comes along.
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  13. Hello, There is a way to open a menu only if :

    - the console launch the command for the player ( "/dm open X player" "/menuname player")
    - the player click from a menu to change menu

    Because actually I can make they need the permission but they need requirement too, or the reayirement bypass permission.

    Thanks for your answer !
  14. For some reason I can still pick up the item from the menu, I thought this was fixed even it's now compatible with 1.14 :(
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  15. Someday animations will be added to the deluxemenu? :) :love:o_O :giggle:
  16. could you please update the plugin to support the latest version of epicheads? (from the recent recode)
    using the heads-<head id> only gives me steve/alex heads :/
  17. Apologies if this has been answered before, but if I want to add for example a Playerhead as MHF_Arrow what am I putting under Material:?
  18. Hello, I got a duplication glitch on DeluxeMenus with the latest version.
    You can take items out of menu by spamming if the item has a "openguimenu" click action.

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    clip updated DeluxeMenus with a new update entry:

    1.11.3 safeguard against any chance of items from menus becoming obtainable

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  20. 1.11.1 to 1.11.3?