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  1. Hey,

    It would be cool if instead of freezing all the server when doing /dm reload, make that menu are just unavailable ( with a message that said "menu are beeing reloading" but do not freeze the serv, let players play like if there were no reload ^^
  2. Hello. I am here to ask if there is a way to execute a radom command when clicking an item in a menu. So if i give the left_click_commands 2 commands like /ban %player_name% and /kick %player_name% it will chose one of them instead of using both of them. If there is now way to do that could you implement something like this ?

    I know there is a chance option but if i give it 2 commands and set them both to 50% chance there is still a chance that both of them will be executed
  3. How can i make an gui that Checks if i have 100$ and then it warps me to my warp and 2 seconds after warp Display Message

    I cant find out how this needs to be done,

    Edit: Found it out how it works
    #2543 PanGeo_, Dec 2, 2019
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  4. left_click_requirement:
    type: has money
    amount: 100
    - '[console] warp WARPNAME %player_name%'
    - '[message] TEXT <delay=<TIME>'

    You have to change WARPNAME to the name of the warp where you want to teleport the player and TEXT with the message you want to show to the player and also you have to change TIME to set the time after the player was warped to show the message. Remember you have to set it in ticks so 1 second = 20, 2 seconds= 40, etc.. . So if you want the delay to be 2 seconds instead of time you will type 40 ( <delay=<40> = 2 seconds)

  5. Thanks For the reply but i saw it when i already had it fixed But still thanks
  6. Hi there I was wondering what the command for Lime Stained Glass Pane. id doesn't work so how could I do it right pls help I tried
  7. Deluxemenus不能以1.14.4运行
  8. 1.12.2 ?
  9. I'm trying to enter custom unicode characters as a menu's name. Like this:

    menu_title: '\uE000'

    But it just won't interpret the unicode, and will display \uE000 as is. I also tried '\\uE000' and '{"text":"\uE000"}', but none is properly interpreted. How could I achieve this?
  10. does anyone know how to open enderchest for player when click on menu gui?
  11. If you have essentials you can give them the permission essentials.enderchest wich will also give them acces to the command /enderchast and the set a click_command to: - '[player] enderchest'
  12. I love this plugin. Thanks to all who work on it. It would be really great if there will be a 1.15 version. As for those who keep complaining about 1.8 not being supported. Many plugins have recently dropped support for earlier versions due to the drastic changes under the hood since 1.12. Please keep developing this plugin. There are those of us who do appreciate your efforts.
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  13. nbt_int: Seems to no longer work in 1.15.1, Can't load my sweet custom models anymore in the menu.
    Everything else looks fine so far in 1.15.1
  14. Most likely because there hasn't been a 1.15 update yet.
  15. Still reporting it to be notified for the 1.15 update.
  16. player spamming Q + Right Click can get items out of menus. is there a way to prevent that happening?
  17. What version of this plugin is compatible with 1.8.8 spigot
  18. This plugin is so cool, best GUI plugin in spigot but its don't have execute commands as OP, i don't have much money but i can pay for you 10-20$ to make that feature and release for everyone ~~"
  19. Due to security reasons, we will never add the ability to execute commands as op. Thanks for your understanding!
  20. What version of the plugin should I use for 1.12.2?