Spigot DeluxeMenus 1.13.2

The all in one GUI menu plugin!

  1. There's some weird bug on the lore, Even tough I set the color code, It keeps going italic which is kinda not what I intended to be. I think the new 1.16 server somehow reverts it back to Italic...
  2. pls help is there any 1.12.2 version of DM? because every version i download is not working! upload_2020-6-30_16-6-8.png upload_2020-6-30_16-6-8.png upload_2020-6-30_16-6-8.png
  3. Is there a way to remove an item from the player's inventory?
  4. SlimeDog


    Is there a command to do that, from one of your plugins?
  5. Ok. I tracked down what's the problem. But i don't know why.
    The problem is this line:

    material: head-<playername/%player_name%>

    If i remove this line it doesn't lag anymore

    *EDIT* I checked the wiki and change the line to whats i saw in the example and now it works. I remember that i changed this line a few weeks/months ago or maybe it was different before and in the last update it was changed to this format... I don't remember. But what i don't understand is that it was working since the moment i made this change.
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