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  1. Hi, the custommodeldata is not working for me

    Code (Text):
        material: PAPER
        slot: 10
        priority: 1
        update: true
        hide_attributes:  true
        display_name: '&C&LIgnis'
        nbt_int: CustomModelData:159
          - ''
          - '&e&lHaz click para unirte'
          - '&e&la este bando!'
          - ''
          - '&c&nEsta accion es irreversible!'
          - '[player] t join ignis'
          - '[close]'
  2. MC version?
  3. Tuinity 1.16.5, Java 16
  4. does data works ?

    material: POTION
    data: 8193
    slot: 14


    It must be the regenerative right ?
    Or maybe i did it wrong ?
  5. When can I use OP to execute commands in menu?
    #2885 Lijinhong, Jul 13, 2021
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  6. Due to the security risks that imposes, that is not something that is being implemented in the project.
  7. You have no fix the bug yet…
    at com.extendclip.deluxemenus.menu.MenuItem.getItemStack(MenuHolder)
    In the part of analyzing nbt_string

    YOU CAN NOT USE String.split(":");

    sth special situation just like

    Value contains ":", it dosen't work.

    You need to substring, you know?
  8. Data Value is for 1.12.2 or older version. I don't know what version you are using.
    You'd better to use "Potion Effects".
    Here is related link: Item - HelpChat Wiki
  9. when will it be updated to 1.17?
  10. Development builds are linked on the main page.
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  11. i want to set any potion in the material option (same goes for the arrow)
    material: strength_potion

    and i used the latest version of the plugin
  12. This can be achieved by setting it to a regular water bottle and applying RGB to it.
  13. It's working ?
  14. Is this plugin coming for 1.17.1?
  15. Can i use rgb for tipped arrow ?

    And another things:

    middle click commands works ?
    i can't use it
    #2895 Arno2596, Jul 24, 2021
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  16. items:
    material: iron_ingot
    slot: 10
    display_name: '&6购买VIP For 3天'
    - '[console]givevip %player_name% vip 3'
    - '[console]points take %player_name% 9'
    - '[console]broadcast &6&k &6玩家 &c%player_name% &6开通了3天&b VIP &6!'
    expression: '%playerpoints_points% >= 9'
    - '[close]'
    - '[message] &c点券不足9'

    the requirements not work! in 1.17.1 java 16!
    fix pls
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  18. Aaaa cant wait deluxemenu support javascript

    Java16 is cool but why they removed js?mnzmzbsins
  19. not working