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  1. you need to make sure you have the vault plugin installed and an economy plugin that hooks into it. you can see here an example of a rankup menu made in deluxemenus: https://wiki.helpch.at/clips-plugins/deluxemenus/example-gui-menus#ranks
  2. don't work /dm open <menuName>
    in chat: <menuName> is not a valid menu!
  3. It would be nice to see a way to get player input after a menu has been opened.

    For example - my server has a claims management menu as opposed to players having to remember 10 different commands. However they need to be able to pay rent (int), add or remove players (player), rename plots/claims (strings), or simply change some toggles. All of these are different input values, however its pointless to replace all of those commands if they still have to put the same arguments prior to opening in the menu.

    I would like to see a way to ask players for input values whenever they do click commands, and to be able to use that input inside of click commands. For example - if a player selects the "add player" option for a claim, the menu should close and they should be asked for a player name in chat, and then maybe also have it be configurable to reopen the menu after it executes the command, or should have a success/fail message instead.

    TL:DR asking for pre-command input from players and the list of these options:
    Input Message - a configurable message sent when asking players for input
    Input placeholder - a placeholder that can be used to represent the player's input
    Reopen_after_command: boolean
    Success_Message - a message to send the player on successful command
    Failure_Message - a message to send the player if something goes wrong
  4. I mean it should be obvious from the error. you're giving it the wrong menu name. the menu name is what you gave it in config.yml
  5. Hello. I don't think this will be implemented in deluxemenus and if it will ever be implemented it won't be any time soon. But fear not! There is an alternative. CommandPrompter does exactly what you need. It even has multiple input types (chat, anvil and sign I believe). Yes it doesn't support 1.17 but you can still use the chat input on 1.17 without problems. the anvil and sign will probably not work tho.
  6. Appreciate the suggestion - but I would have really preferred to keep it all in one plugin. I'll make BSP work depsite its bugs.
  7. nbt_int: CustomModelData: doesn't work help me

    display_name: ' '
    material: paper
    nbt_int: 'CustomModelData:10110'
    slot: 15
    - " "
    - ' '

    Developers fix this already
  8. Try using the development builds found here: https://ci.extendedclip.com/job/DeluxeMenus/
  9. How do I put a slab in a menu, because when I put STONE_SLAB it doesn't work
  10. SlimeDog

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    It works fine for me (see relevant code below).
    Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 2.58.29 PM.png
    "It doesn't work" doesn't provide any information to let us help you. Please think about what you would need to know if a friend asked you this question, so that you could help them. Then provide that information. Things like:
    • Java version
    • Output of version; something like
      Code (Text):
      > version
      [06:34:04] [Server thread/INFO]: This server is running CraftBukkit version 3263-Spigot-dc75aca-fd50041 (MC: 1.17.1) (Implementing API version 1.17.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
      [06:34:04] [Server thread/INFO]: You are running the latest version
    • Output of version DeluxeMenus; something like
      Code (Text):
      > version DeluxeMenus
      [09:46:09] [Server thread/INFO]: DeluxeMenus version 1.13.4-DEV-117
    • Segment of DeluxeMenus configuration file, where STONE_SLAB is registered; something like
      Code (Text):
          material: STONE_SLAB
          slot: 0
          priority: 2
          display_name: '&a&lLobby'
          - '&a‚á®Portals'
          - '[console] mvtp %player_name% world_lobby <delay=0>'
          - '[close]'
          - '[message] left-click please'
    • Any messages in console/log (or in-game) related to DeluxeMenus; something like
      Code (Text):
      [06:44:07] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeMenus] Loading DeluxeMenus v1.13.4-DEV-117
      [06:44:32] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeMenus] Enabling DeluxeMenus v1.13.4-DEV-117
      [06:44:32] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeMenus] Hooked into PlaceholderAPI!
      [06:44:32] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeMenus] 1 GUI menus loaded!
      [06:44:32] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeMenus] Successfully hooked into Vault for economy requirement!
      [06:44:32] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeMenus] NMS hook has been setup
      > dm reload
      [09:52:27] [Server thread/INFO]: DeluxeMenus successfully reloaded!
    • What specifically didn't work?
      • What were you expecting to happen?
      • What actually happened?

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  11. I am on version 1.12.2 and some items do not appear from the basics_menu and requierements_menu
  12. SlimeDog

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    That's one piece. What about the other version information? Especially version of DeluxeMenus.

    Material names are different across MC versions, especially starting with "the flattening" at 1.13. Perhaps someone can help with materials recognized in 1.12.2 -- we are on 1.17.1 now. This is exactly why knowing the versions of things is important.

    #2933 SlimeDog, Oct 24, 2021
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  13. SlimeDog

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    Then we need more of the information already requested. This isn't magic or mind-reading. Look back and provide exactly and all of the information requested. Without that information, this is going nowhere.
    #2935 SlimeDog, Oct 25, 2021
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  14. It's true, sorry, I use paper spigot 1.12.2, I use other plugins but I don't know if they affect, deluxemenus 1.13.3 release, placeholderapi 2.10.10, holografic displays, world edit, essentialsx, viaversion (but I have this problem in 1.12 .2) and the error I get is: [07:21:33 WARN]: [DeluxeMenus] Material for item: example in menu: advanced_menu is not a valid material name / id!
    [07:21:33 WARN]: [DeluxeMenus] Skipping item: example, and this error also appears in the preconfigured menus
    [07:21:33 WARN]: [DeluxeMenus] Skipping item: examplenoperm
    [07:21:33 WARN]: [DeluxeMenus] Material for item: filler_item in menu: advanced_menu is not a valid material name / id!
    [07:21:33 WARN]: [DeluxeMenus] Skipping item: filler_item, then try to play without plugins in case one of them was the one that caused an error, and the same appeared to me, the items that give the error are: LIME_DYE, GRAY_DYE, STONE_SLAB, LEGACY_STONE_SLAB, is all I have.
  15. SlimeDog

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    The error message pretty much says it all.
    Suggestion: read the materials section of the wiki for materials recognized by Spigot 1.12.2.
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  16. The
    doesn't load in 1.16.5
    This server is running CraftBukkit version 2991-Spigot-018b9a0-f3f3094 (MC: 1.16.5) (Implementing API version 1.16.5-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
  17. send a startup log. please put it in a paste bin service like https://paste.helpch.at
  18. Just tried 1.13.3 on a Paper 1.17.1 server, getting these NPEs on server start:

    [18:14:46] [Server thread/ERROR]: Error occurred while enabling DeluxeMenus v1.13.3-Release (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "javax.script.ScriptEngine.put(String, Object)" because "com.extendedclip.deluxemenus.requirement.JavascriptRequirement.engine" is null
    at com.extendedclip.deluxemenus.requirement.JavascriptRequirement.<init>(JavascriptRequirement.java:19) ~[DeluxeMenus-1.13.3-Release.jar:?]
    at com.extendedclip.deluxemenus.config.DeluxeMenusConfig.getRequirements(DeluxeMenusConfig.java:972) ~[DeluxeMenus-1.13.3-Release.jar:?]



    [18:14:46] [Server thread/ERROR]: Error occurred while disabling DeluxeMenus v1.13.3-Release (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "java.util.Map.clear()" because "this.itemHooks" is null
    at com.extendedclip.deluxemenus.DeluxeMenus.onDisable(DeluxeMenus.java:183) ~[DeluxeMenus-1.13.3-Release.jar:?]
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:266) ~[patched_1.17.1.jar:git-Paper-279]
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.disablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:405) ~[patched_1.17.1.jar:git-Paper-279]

    I do have the PAPI ecloud extension "Javascript" installed...
    #2940 marcelschoen, Nov 4, 2021
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