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  1. DDR



    You can add
    amount: 1

    to amount: '%placeholder%'

    example: amount: '%bungeecord_total%'

    to see a number variable of items.


    example on my network:
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  2. Lambsauce


    I was able to take items out of the inventory at times when spamming command. For some reason if an inventory is already open and the ui opens you can take the items out. This does not work with chestcommands, so should be solvable.

    Also right click requirement doesn't seem to work?
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  3. What would I use to get the players rank?
  4. I'd personally just use a permission that the rank already has, but I believe you could use %vault_perms_rank% to get it.
  5. Didn't work. It just shows this:
    (Yes I have vault installed)
  6. In that case I'd just do a group permission.

    An example is...you have a VIP rank so give them the permission "group.vip". If you have an MVP rank give that rank "group.mvp".

    I do it this way because world guard CAN use those permissions...so it's a good identifier.

    Just use it to check for the permission.
  7. Hello @clip can you take a look on right_click_requirement, dont work for me but left_click_requirement work fine.

    This example work fine:

    Code (Text):
          expression: '%playerpoints_points% >= 10'
          - '[message] &cYou don''t have enough Points!'
        - '[console] p take %player_name% 3'
        - '[console] give %player_name% diamond 1'
        - '[message] &aBought a &b&lDiamond'

    But if i change the left with right dont work.

    Code (Text):
          expression: '%playerpoints_points% >= 10'
          - '[message] &cYou don''t have enough Points!'
        - '[console] p take %player_name% 3'
        - '[console] give %player_name% diamond 1'
        - '[message] &aBought a &b&lDiamond'
  8. Your formatting looks like it's not lined up. Please pastebin your config.
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  9. My format on config is ok as i say i have try both clicks, and left work fine.

    Here my config:
  10. Yes, I realize that now. I forget that the code tag is messed up on Spigot.

    Not finding any issues. What anti-cheat do you use?

    Do you have any plugins that control/do anything in the inventory?
  11. Work for you the right click? i can buy tokens for free, dont check my levels, but the left click work fine.

  12. clip


    How is %playerpoints_points% supposed to work when you don't have the plugin installed?
  13. The last config is with levels and no playerpoints.

    I get this problem with right click only, with all placehoders.

    @clip can you test this and tell me if work for you?

  14. As you like challenges mr @clip, would it be possible to mute the result of a command executed by deluxemenus?

    For example, /p take 100 will tell the player that the console took 100 playerpoints. Doesn't look very nice :/

    I tried /p set (%playerpoints_points% - 100), but that just sets it to the current amount of playerpoints.
  15. clip


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  16. Good Plugin :D like me
  17. Hi @clip,

    Can you add to DeluxeMenus whenever you switch to a different menu it doesn't flicker?

    After updating to the newest version of the plugin, I get a message that says "Menu <menuName> opened!". Can you add an option to disable this please?
    #637 Elijah, Mar 21, 2016
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  18. newest update breaks the permission:
    description: open a gui menu by command /dm open <menuName>
    default: op
    my players cannot /deluxemenu open menu now with newest update. Have to keep using 1.5 until this is fixed Thanks.
  19. It works fine for me. Make sure you give them the actual permission to the menu: deluxemenus.guimenu.<menuName>

    If you want them to have access to opening the menu w/ the command then you give them the permission: deluxemenus.guimenucommand
  20. all players have deluxemenus.guimenu.* and deluxemenus.guimenucommand already
    works fine with 1.5 deluxe menu like I said. Does not work if I put 1.5.1 on my server.
    I run latest 1.9 spigot what version are you using?
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