Spigot DeluxeMenus 1.13.3

The all in one GUI menu plugin!

  1. Yeah permissions don't seem to work. I'm using the 1.5.2 as they are in on the main page, but no luck.
    I gave myself all the deluxemenus permissions there are, deopped myself and I didn't have permission for anything :<
  2. Hello @clip,

    Could you please upload the plugin of the click menu you told sometime ago?

  3. Hi there!

    I know in update 1.3.1 it was changed so that it shouldn't tell you the open message if the players open it for themselves, but on version 1.5.2 I still have this issue. Here's a screenshot of what I'm trying to do and the output:
  4. Is it possible to add multiple command for the same menu ? Example : The main menu can be open with /menu, /me, /main....
  5. No, but you can use MyCommand http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mycommand/ to setup your own custom aliases.
  6. Is there permission for each inv?
  7. Question to anyone having permission issues:

    Which permissions are you using?

    I just found out I was using the wrong ones. I had been using deluxemenus.guimenu.MENUNAME when they had changed to deluxemenus.menu.MENUNAME I don't know if that's your problem or not, but might want to check.
  8. BUMP any support here from @clip ?
  9. could anyone help me with this i get the message below
    - '[console] bunker give F64_Rx iron 1'
    - '[message] You bought a iron bunker for ...!'
    - '[console] eco take %player% 100'
    expression: '%vault_balance% > 100'

    [DeluxeMenus] Error in requirement javascript syntax - %vaulteco_balance% > 100
  10. Nice plugin.
  11. does this allow if i make a menu e.g /gkit
    when i click on a kit it will go red and say "you have to wait %seconds% to use this"
  12. Yes, I wrote an entire Wiki page about doing that very thing :)

  13. plugin does not work for spigot 1.8.8
    when i do /plugins it is red
  14. BUMP any support here from @clip ?
  15. I use this placeholder: %bungeecord_servername% but I am using redis, and it only displays the people that is on that bungee, how can I display the people that is in the same server but on another bungee?
  16. I updated deluxemenus and placeholderapi and now %bungeecord_servername% or %bungee_servername% is not working :/
  17. Can I use bungeecord commands?

    BungeeCord Commands is a problem for all menu plugins that I know.
    #679 RedstoneFuture, Apr 6, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
  18. What is wrong here? I have more than $50 and still I get the error "You dont have 50....."

    material: 320
    slot: 28
    view_requirement: BukkitPlayer.hasPermission("cvagt.menu");
    display_name: '&aHej &f%player_name%'
    - '&aKlik for at købe'
    - '&a16 koteletter for $50!'
    - '[console] eco take %player_name% 50'
    - '[console] give %player_name% 320 16'
    expression: '%vault_eco_balance% > 50'
    - '[close]'
    - '[message] &cYou dont have 50 dollars to click that item'