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  1. Hello, i have a little bit trouble with the menu. I like to create a Gui server selector. with placeholders in the lore so people can see how many player are online in that particular server, but it look like that the placeholders from placeholderapi are broken. i downloaded the bungee expansion for the api as well and some others like server. but no luck. the lore just give me the placeholder code only :( is there something i do wrong? if so please tell me Thank you for this awesome plugin btw
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  2. Did you restart your server? What papi version are you on?
  3. thank you for the respond! i played with it for a while now and i found out that the placeholder needs to be changed. i had for example %bungeecord_lobby% and i needed to change it to %bungee_lobby% this was my own fault. excuse me for that. and again many thanks for your respond
  4. Np, I like helping the community fix issues that may be configurable, can't fix issues if it is in the plugin, for as that is the developer of the plugins fault... glad I could help(somewhat. :p)
  5. I have tried to write a priority.but I didn't succeed......... Thank you.
  6. The first one would be priority: 1 and the second one would be priority: 2.it also depends where you place it.
  7. @clip hey i have a minigame network, and i want to know if you can add a motd block change in the menu, for example, if the motd is [In game] the block would be red clay and if the motd is [Lobby] the block would be green clay
  8. If using latest version of placeholderapi, do /papi ecloud download Player, then do /papi reload, that should fix the error/issue.
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  9. Sweet this worked perfectly, thanks!

    Now im wondering how I can get it to register the deluxechat placeholders from Gangs+ Ive already enabled them in deluxechat

    Like so
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  10. Some placeholders sadly broke for deluxechat, hopefully clip fixes it soon...
  11. No place holders are working
    I have PAPI installed and enabled on deluxechat.
    Code (Text):
        material: head;%player_name%
        data: 0
        amount: 1
        slot: 13
        priority: 2
        display_name: '             &e&lStatistics'
        - '&c&l %player_displayname%'
        - '&eFaction: &c%factions_faction%'
        - '&cFaction&7: &e%factions_relation_color%%factions_role%%factions_faction%'
        - '&ePower: &c%factions_power%&e/&c%factions_powermax%'
        - '&eMoney: &c$%vaulteco_balance_fixed%'
        - '&eVotes: &c%galistener_votes%'
        - '[close]'
  12. Did you install the expansions? Do /papi ecloud list all {page}, then click the expansion in which you wish to download...
  13. So how do I stop the "Menu xxxxxxx opened!" from displaying at ANY time?
  14. @clip Any way to resolve the moment where the inventory "flashes" as you could say before opening up a new one? Basically it seems as if the current menu closes before a new one opens up and you get that quick second of a flash between the 2 menus.
  15. Take off [close] in the menus you are crossing over from. :p
  16. Same question
  17. What do you mean by that?
  18. amount: ‘%pinger_players_localhost:25555%’
    I want to support the amount of placeholders.
    Can you do it? Thank you very much.
  19. I mean that it shows on any menu opening command, whether issued by a player, a serversign, console, etc. the "Menu <menu name> opened!" string shows up in chat.