DeluxeNode - Good or Bad?

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Is DeluxeNode any good?

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  2. No

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  1. What's your opinion? Looking for real customer experiences. They are new, but hardware and price seem very nice.

    What makes me think twice is:

    - The registered CEO is born in 2001.
    - They tend to argue over the hardware on spigot forum like little kids
    - The website has lots of typos
    - Whois domain privacy
    - The first PayPal payment to them, went to a person, instead of a registered company.
    - Waiting 2 days for a new node to be set up. Still have not received my server.
    - They are relatively new

    Good things:

    - Trustpilot reviews are amazing. Almost too good to be true.
    - The hardware
    - The price
    - They seem to offer special big server plans.

    Unsure if I should trust them and give them a shot in the long term or no.
  2. I currently run on their dedicated servers with pretty much no issues, support is via discord so its fast, have you tried contacting them there?
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  3. Hi, I'm a DeluxeNode support rep, I'll answer all your questions.

    Many of the most skilled developers on this forum are under 18, doesn't make our service any worse.

    Mind sharing any links? We'll defend our choices when we're challenged over them

    We're currently migrating our website over to a new design (you'll see some pages, e.g. the enterprise server page is still on the old design). We'd be grateful if you pointed out these issues to us.

    You won't see whois details on many domains nowadays. ICANN and the EU had a huge court battle over it when GDPR was coming in.

    As you mentioned earlier, the company isn't owned by an over 18, therefore we can't register a business paypal account. It's something that we're currently looking at though.

    The new node went live about an hour ago, sorry for the delay. You'll be compensated for time lost. We own all our hardware, so when we need a new node, we have to order parts and go to the datacentre to install the server, unlike other hosts who just grab a new server from OVH.

    Opened in February. We won't be going anywhere though as our owned hardware allows us to have minimal monthly costs.

    They're real. If TrustPilot found out they were fake, they'd probably remove our page or something similar. Also feel free to take a look at the reviews channel in our Discord server.
  4. I thought nobody under 18 could have paypal :p
    "1.7 Eligibility. To be eligible for our Services, you must (i) be a resident of one of the countries listed on the PayPal Worldwide page; (ii) have full legal capacity to enter into a contract; and (iii) if you are an individual, be at least 18 years old. "

    just saying :)
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    This thread. You know, there will be positive and negative reviews since everyone these days has an opinion. You should just look past the negative ones and keep it professional.

    So far, I am impressed with the node performance. Hope it stays that way.
  6. It isn't owned by an under 18. That's why the payment is to a person, rather than the business.
  7. (iii) if you are an individual

    They are a company registered in UK. From what i know, CodeCo is a shareholder for DeluxeNode which is fully legal there.
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  8. It's good hardware and price. Age doesn't determine maturity and intelligence.
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  9. Just wondering about a few more things, @DotRar.

    Does DeluxeNode host any of the "big" servers?
    Has there ever been long downtime?
    Under what circumstances can/do the support team access the customer files?
  10. Pretty sure we have a few with hundreds of players, can't disclose what ones though

    Not in a long time

    Support team can't access them, management can if you request us to do so.
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  11. If you’re second guessing any host, don’t go with them. Stay with the big guys. I’ve never used DeluxeNode, but they own their own hardware which is a bonus. I’ve seen some immaturity from their management team once, but nevertheless, that shouldn’t define their image. They own their own hardware as stated above, so their costs are a lot lower than a host reselling servers, typically. It also shows somewhat of dominance in the Minecraft community. At the end of the day, trust your own judgement over someone else’s.
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  12. I love deluxenode and everything about them. I am personally friends with Code and I have never had a problem dealing with him or his hosting, he and his support team responds to tickets fairly quickly and are very reputable as well. They also own all their hardware while also selling at a cheap price with 4.5ghz cpu's which is insane.
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  13. Spec wise, definitely the best on the market that I've seen in my limited time exploring hosts. The location, Germany, is a bit of an inconvenience for NA players. Disk space is also a bit concerning for larger (build/survival) servers but apparently if you can open a ticket as mentioned above, it shouldn't be an issue.
  14. 80-90ms is still fine for playing Minecraft. More about that is written here.
  15. That article should be taken with a grain of salt, DeluxeNode published the article, it would be different if Mojang did. Someone who is connecting at 10ms compared to 80 will have a noticeable change is experience. Also, why would someone from NA buy a server that's across the world when it's a better user experience to buy a server in NA, especially if they are serving NA players.
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  16. We never said that there is no difference between 10ms and 80ms. This is a useless discussion though as many people don't care about facts anyway talking about ping, there is so much more important than the number, it starts from the CPU and ends with network routes, you can't really define 80ms is bad and 50ms is fine as it depends on too many things.

    Its a better user experience but just really a bit, we have many customers from the US and some don't even believe its in Germany, just because they thought before 80ms will make you teleport around.
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  17. I've used hosted my servers on DeluxeNode for a while now. I was using the lowest plan in the Enterprise Plan section. They're amazing, so I vouch for them. Their support is fast (for European time zones) and helpful. They use the Pterodactyl panel instead of Multicraft which some people say is bad but those people have clearly never tried it. Once you get used to it, it's infinitely better than Multicraft in my opinion.

    The only downside I had with them was that they were hosted in Europe which means a higher ping for those of us living in the US. However, it was much faster than I thought it would be. That said, some of my players did have some connection issues so I eventually moved to AnvilNode because they are hosted in the United States. Had DeluxeNode offered plans of the same specs/price in the U.S., I would've stayed with them.
    To sum it up, if you live in Europe then they're the perfect choice. If you live in the United States, they're great but your ping will be a bit higher.
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  18. All ping between 5 - 10 and 90 - 100 is considered 'Good'

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