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    DeluxeQueues - Moving players around your network has never been easier!

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  3. Does this require bungee or can work on a single Spigot server in such that when the player joins and it is full, they are put into a queue, kicked, and have to wait till people leave to get a lower spot (etc.).
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    From what I read does it not support single servers.
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  5. Currently just for Bungee!
  6. Hey there, thanks for the suggestion for the reload command, I'll definitely look into this for a future update.

    As far as the issue with the bungee goes, I'll see if I can replicate it. A plugin like this can be hard to test. I'll try to get back to you within 24 hours!

    I would also try setting the players needed to be online to one if you can manage that. I had issues trying to replicate it on a single account but when I use two, it works fine. I'm wondering if it's a bungee limitation.
  7. Alright cool, thanks. I'll play with it when I'm done with classes today!
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    Fixed Queue for Non-Bypassers

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  9. Pretty sure Slot Bypass isn't allowed on spigot.
  10. Super super sorry about the delay in development. More to come soon! I'm open to suggestions!
  11. The next update will have a reload command!

    I will look into this issue with the title and text not working. Thanks!
  12. Hey there, wanted to give you a quick update. I've fixed the Title / Text. I feel the text is a little spammy so I'll see what your feedback is after I release the update soon!
  13. That's odd. Can you get photos of it so I can see it? The queue should only go by the amount of people in the queue.
  14. That's very odd. If it's easier for you, join the discord and I can help you quicker when I am around again. We'll do some debugging!
  15. - Don't have Velocity Proxy support.
    - Don't have multiples BungeeCord/RedisBungee support.