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  1. I'm adding some tags to my prison server but can't think of any. What are some tags one of you guys would want to use if you were playing on a prison server? A tag is like a pre-set suffix you can select.
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  2. try the Testserver tags, mabye some popular youtuber names, memes, etc..
    Examples: [Troll], [YUNO], [MVP]

    Also how did you make your server ad :) it looks AMAZING
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  3. google woodpunchgraphics, he does tons of them :)
  4. thanks :D
  5. I make my own. :p
    You should try thinking of common things that you do and then make them into tags. :D
  6. Examples? I'm having a hard time thinking of some :) as I was also looking for some tags online
  7. Look on servers like The Archon? :p
    I used some of their tags. :)
  8. k :) thanks!