Spigot DeluxeTags 1.8.2

Allow players to select chat tags that can be awarded by permission! DeluxeChat + EssentialsChat

  1. I wanted to use this on my server, but I have to use Herochat with my other plugins. :\
    And DeluxeTags doesn't work with HeroChat the way I'd like it to. :(
  2. Hey, just a question, is it possible to like replace the current prefix a player has ben selecting a prefix from the tag gui. I'm using Essentials Chat and I want to have it so that the current prefix is replaced by the selected tag from the gui and then reverted to the group tag when it's deselected.

    Is this possible, if not any plugin that does this? Thanks! @clip
  3. As far as I know, no
  4. I have a server that has been using permissionsex (pex) for ranks for a LONG TIME! Is there a way to convert to DeluxeTags? Everytime I try to get a tag it claims it gives it to me but I still do not have it. Is there a way to make it override? Baad.
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  5. hello, im using this amazing plugin in combination of deluxechat. but, we found a glitch that will duplicate the itemtags if they open the gui and drag out the tags on the ground. is there a way to prevent this? or do we need a plugin update for this?

    Kindly regards steven,
  6. My players can only see one tag but once im op I can see them all and I want them to be able to see all of them but not use them
  7. it will be visible when you give them the permission to use them. i dont see a way to do this whitout useing them
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  8. Add 1.9.4 support please. Thank You
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  9. 1.8?
    It is by far updated to 1.8
  10. Working on 1.9 ml
  11. Hey,

    I would like to know why Deluxe Tag isn't working on my server. I'm using Essentials chat and I've added this: {deluxetags_tag} to the chat format, but when I write something in the chat it shows like this: {deluxetags_tag} {DISPLAYERNAME}: {MESSAGE} not the tag but "{deluxetags_tag}" like that in white. I've turned Deluxe_Chat: false, and reloaded both DeluxeTag config and essentials. I've also tried to restart. Didn't help. I hope we can find an answer together :)

    My server is 1.8.8 and I've the newest version of the plugin.

    Best Regards Christian
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  12. Can someone kindly tell me how to set this up with essentials? I've followed the overview and turned deluxe_chat to false but, when I go to use a tag, my prefix doesn't change at all.
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  13. Same
  14. Is there a permission to let players without the tags be able to view them from the GUI? Thank you.
  15. Hey, for some reason I cannot give my players access to deluxetags.gui. It just says they don't have permission whenever they do /tags.
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  16. would this work over bungee? or will tags be different on each server?
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  17. Pretty sure it's flatfile per server. I'm needing it to be MySQL so the title selections sync across servers.

    @clip pls add