Spigot DeluxeTags 1.8.2

Allow players to select chat tags that can be awarded by permission! DeluxeChat + EssentialsChat

  1. clip


    Im gonna rewrite this to support mysql soon.
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  2. Also, having the "exit_item" support issuing a command and the option to keep it open when clicked would be awesome. This would allow me to integrate it better in my cosmetic menu.
  3. Can you add GUI customization? :eek:
    Or animation?
    Or integration with DeluxeMenus?
    Or change the default plugin command from /tags to /deluxetags?*

    * plez I need :(
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  4. update to 1.10?
  5. Hey, for some reason the tags are not showing. Do you know why this is or of any possible solution? Here is my config http://pastebin.com/srpssWAy
  6. Is this working with 1.10 anyone??
  7. Rok


    Awesome plugin, can you make the "next page" and the "previous page" items configurable.
  8. Any way to have this plugin work with venture chat? I added the {deluxetags_tag} placeholder to the chat channel, but it's just showing that in the chat line, rather than replacing it. Is there something I can change in my config to have it work?
  9. This plugin only supports DeluxeChat and EssentialsChat.
  10. It says "and other chat formatting plugins!" on the main page. Venture chat is a chat formatting plugin.
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  11. EUREKA!

    So I just didn't download the placeholders for DeluxeTags, so now it's working wonderfully!
  12. Is this plugin 1.10 compatible?
  13. Hello I'm having a little issue with using this plugin with Essentials chat. My players have prefixes put in place for their ranks already but when I try to add tags they don't seem to show up. I've set delux chat to false but I'm not sure what else to do. Thank you.
  14. Having same issue here.
  15. Plugin works flawlessly! :eek:
    Thanks clip! :D
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  16. can you add mysql support so tags on whole network?
  17. I'm having an issue. It seems I can't remove my tag, not within the GUI or using /tags clear MarkusAV - also, it doesn't work to change tag. It says its changed, but it appears as the old tag when I say something in the chat.. I use DeluxeChat too
  18. I have a problem. I did to member the permission to see the tags (deluxetags.list.all). Consequently they should see all tags availabe even the ones they can not use. The fact is that they can only see the tags that they are able to use.
    Any help?
    Im using essentials as chat and the lastest version of deluxetags
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  19. Is this still being worked on or is it abandoned?