Spigot DeluxeTags 1.8.2

Allow players to select chat tags that can be awarded by permission! DeluxeChat + EssentialsChat

  1. Can this use MySQL, so people can flawlessly change serves on a bungee without needing to toggle the tag they wanted?
  2. Will there every be an API for this? That would be extremely useful. Great plugin, btw.
  3. I have deluxe chat, and these tags and love them so much, is there any way I can have a default tag that is in-place when you remove a tag so they don't have like a naked name? Or what would be the best way to stop players from taking off their tags and simply allowing them to change them but not be tag-less?

    Thank you!
  4. Hi, I recently got Deluxe Chat, along with Deluxe Tags, Both great plugins. However I have a issue with deluxe tags where the tag is not showing, and if I enable my permissions plugin the Ranks just go between the two tag brackets. Please help! Thankyou
  5. I am a bit confused on how I can set this up to work with essentials chat and group manager...I have the plugin on my server, and the GUI even pops up, but when I click a tag and it adds it to me, it doesn't show up in chat. I know I need to do something in essentials or group manager, but I am not entirely sure what....
  6. Please add a feature where you can order the tags you have available alphabetically. (button in the /tags GUI)
  7. does this work with venturechat?
  8. dont work 1.10?
  9. does
  10. yeah it runs pretty decent on 1.10.2
  11. does this support towny? bc I need it to work for that
  12. Yeah, I use this with VentureChat and it works properly.
  13. Guys i need help, How do i set this up in essentialschat.
    What am i doing wrong. In chat it doesnt say the tag it just says {deluxetags_tag}
    === = Works
    === = Broke

    Owner: '{factions_relcolor}§l{factions_roleprefix}§r{factions_relcolor}{factions_name|rp}{deluxetags_tag} &6[&eOwner&6]&r &f{DISPLAYNAME}&8&l> &f{MESSAGE}'
  14. If this worked with bungee mysql.. that would be awesome
  15. You might need to import the place holder from placeholder API then reload Placeholder API to have it work.

    What problem are you getting? Are they not showing up in the GUI or are they not showing up in chat?
    The above response might help you.
  16. it's saying 0 tags loaded. and there not poping up in the gui
  17. Amazing plugin! 10/10! :D
    Works great on Spigot 1.8.8 and EssentialsChat! I even managed to make my own custom menu with this plugin thanks to the /tags set {player} {tag} command!
  18. @clip It would be awesome if you could implement a command to hide all the tags in chat from the user. It would be useful for those who don't want to see tags in the chat.
  19. It may. Try it.