Spigot DeluxeTags 1.7.1

Allow players to select chat tags that can be awarded by permission! DeluxeChat + EssentialsChat

  1. If you use a PAPI compatible version of a name tag editor. No not with Essentials.
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  2. You need to install PAPI and fix the variables in the config if you aren't using deluxechat.
  3. I already use it
  4. Is deluxechat enabled? I had this problem but I fixed it. Can I see your config?
  5. I do not use deluxechat
  6. Oh I thought you said you did. Then read the stuff at the top of the file if you don't.
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  7. Thank you
    I'll pay more attention next time
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  8. Is there a way to set up a default tag, so you won't have users going around with no tag?
  9. Just give them permission for the default tag and have them run a command that selects it when they join.
  10. I went through about as many pages of comments as I could stand lol, so I'm just gonna ask;

    Is there any method for multi-line tag descriptions?

    for instance:
    Code (Text):
        order: 6
        tag: '&7[&eKnight&7]'
        description: "Rank 5"

        order: 6
        tag: '&7[&eKnight&7]'
        - 'Rank 5'
        - 'Is a cool rank'
        - 'Tacos'
    Thanks in advance!!
  11. Is there a plugin out there that when I hold tab, will display it like

    [Tab header]
    [Tab footer]

    Please help!!!
    #534 Loveeebuggg, Feb 28, 2017
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  12. The only plugin that does this is AnimatedNames since it hooks into PAPI. If you use the PAPI placeholder then yes
  13. Are you sure this plugin will do what I want? I don't want to buy it and it not work the way I intend.
  14. It hooks into PAPI which if I am correct, has a DeluxeTags [tag] placeholder. Check it's wiki.
  15. Please help the actual tag wont show in the chat but the world name does ive tried setting the world prefix to false but it wont work PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS
  16. How would I make players tags show as a suffix after their player name and rank? Im using Pex
  17. @extended_clip not working i added it on the essentials chat config its still not working