Spigot DeluxeTags 1.8.2

Allow players to select chat tags that can be awarded by permission! DeluxeChat + EssentialsChat

  1. From the HelpChat Discord as of the time posting this. I recommend you find one of the dev builds!
    Code (YAML):
    + [X] PlaceholderAPI
    + [X] DeluxeMenus
    + [~] DeluxeTags
    + [~] AutoSell
    + [~] DeluxeChat
    + [X] EzRanksPro
    + [~] Guilds
    + [X] VoteParty

    [] = No Builds Yet
    [~] = Development Builds Available
    [X] = Production-Ready Builds Available
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  2. Alright, and where can we find a dev build for Deluxe Tags? I mean you're posting something like that here, in the discussion, but you don't go and post a link for it?
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    clip updated DeluxeTags with a new update entry:

    1.8.2 We got updates!

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  4. Author please update to be able to create custom gui
  5. Looking for some advice. I love the plugin but it's forcing every player to have the basic free tag show up. I'm wondering if there is a spot in the Config to change that?
  6. My {deluxetags_tag} can't work at essentials
  7. Isn't there two different sets of brakkets you're allowed to use with Deluxetags?
  8. what do you mean :?
  9. huh nvm then, they really do only use {} thought it used {} and [], but guess not xD
  10. so what do i have to do to make it work :?
  11. use deluxe chat
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  12. is that the only way? :/
  13. You don't need Deluxe Chat to use Deluxe Tags.
  14. Maybe add an option for 2 tags displayed at once. {tagmain}{tagsub} like that. would be cool