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  1. Hi, i have a iessues with this '' my members have the perm to claim the basic kit '/kit basic working, not working for the ops to' but its not working with this gui. can someone help me?
  2. its not working lol answear only if u can help pls
  3. What? theres literally a full example menu does the same thing u want
    i dont think u check it before u saying that...
    Use the latest version of DeluxeMenus (make sure u have PlaceholderAPI plugin cuz it wont work without it) and it will work
  4. its hard to understand that its not working? im using the latest, i tried like 10 times
  5. ofc the first menu u sent wont work!
    dm requirements syntax has changed and thats why i told u check the wiki for new dm features and NEW requirements syntax
    i made it for u ...
    again check what i did here and the wiki to learn more about DeluxeMenus

    And suggest u use file per menu, cuz thats better and will make ur config file cleaner
  6. Not working idk why
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  7. explain not working please
  8. the confing u gave me have different spaces, thats why
  9. Do as he suggested, make files for every gui menu you make, otherwise, it will become messy in your config...
    I worked with deluxe menus for a decent time and only found 1 problem with it yet so
  10. ok but he gave me the kit gui but the spaces not match wiht the example
    n 2 how?
  11. i fix it but it still not working, pls answear only if u can help me
  12. .................

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  13. even when i gave u the menu u didnt know how to copy and paste it in the correct place
    use this
    and u need Essentials Expansion to make all essentials placeholders work and u can download that by running
    /papi ecloud download essentials
    and then u have to reload
    /papi reload
    check for all PlaceholderAPI placeholders and their download commands (after downloading any expansion ull have to reload too /papi reload)
  14. wondering whats the problem u found :unsure:

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