Spigot Demonic Evolution v1.1

Adds new abilities with custom effects

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    Demonic Evolution - Adds new abilities with custom effects

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  2. This looks great!

    How quickly are skill points earned, and, is there any way built in to keep players from farming skill points (via a spawner farm, or a manual kill hostile mob farm)

    I really hope you keep you your work!
  3. Hello!
    At the moment you get one skill point every ten mobs killed (by the player), I will make this a configurable value in the next update!
  4. Im having a bit of trouble with commands, i cant seem to get them to work. I wanted to give my self some skill points t otest it out but nothing happend i tried typing it in 2 diffrent ways but it did not work. Any help or advice would be great, or even the command typed how it should be, so i caan copy and paste it thanks!
  5. Hello!
    Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the command, the command has an autocomplete function but I’ll type an example right here:
    /de add skill-point 12
    This adds 12 skill points to your inventory. If you have any more issues let me know.
  6. This plugins unsupport api 1.17
  7. It is made for 1.17, please try again
  8. upload_2021-7-2_4-48-12.png
  9. Thanks for the image, will look into it.
    I expect to fix this today, sorry for the inconvenience