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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by DamagedShadows, May 18, 2016.

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  1. Ok so, my bounty skript which I was going to add as a premium resource got denied for "too basic". Yet their are a tun of bounty plugins out their half of which are for sell and most of them only have like half of the stuff my bounty skript has in it, yet mine is to basic? Is it just me or are skripts being denied because their skripts?
  2. Sorry about your work being denied, but they likely denied it because it's simple to get a Bounty plugin for free.
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  3. Bounty plugin... made with skript ... and you wonder why it got denied?
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  4. I swear. If it wasn't against the rules I would make another account just to mark you as winner again :p
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  5. Doesn't matter if its skript or java. When it comes down to it its all about does it work with no bugs and does it do exactly what you want it to do? If the answer if yes then it shouldn't matter if it's skript or java. Saying you shouldn't use skript just because it's skript is like saying you shouldn't like black people because their black. Concept is the same and we already been through this stupid stuff throughout history yet people still like to find something else to complain about. It's just not morally correct or correct in any shape form or fashion :p what matters is functionality not how was it made. :p
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  6. Obviously...

    Also, did you just compare Skript to a PoC? Wow dude. It has nothing to do with your resource "being Skript". It does however have something to do with the fact that there are already many free bounty plugins that work natively. It's by definition basic and obsolete.
  7. You're retarded.

    Skript is written in Java, making Java better than Skript naturally. Skript is an API for an API that is written in Java...
  8. Yes but their are also alot of bounty plugins that been posted recently or at all with very little features :/
  9. Yes, I know.
  10. Skript = Shit in my pants.
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  11. I think "too basic" means that It's easy to copy or for anyone else to make, I could also be due to the amount of code.
  12. 258 lines of code
  13. That's literally nothing.
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  14. That's nothing

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  15. How is that nothing lol
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  16. My current PLUGIN is at 3000 lines of code, and I'm about 35% done. I plan to release it as a premium plugin
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  17. That's a real plugin, 300 lines is nothing
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