Deny unverified account joins

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  1. Hello, I am looking for a solution (or a plugin) to deny
    • some hackers who bought over 100+ alt accounts
    • players who purchased their accounts from blackmarkets and not mojang
    to join my server.

    As far as I remember hypixel has some similar defense on their servers to prevent joining from accounts that are compromised.
  2. Unfortunately, what you wish for isn't really possible.

    What Hypixel does is when a player gets banned in their server, the banned player's IP address will get flagged. Then, when another account joins Hypixel with that flagged IP address, that account gets banned too because Hypixel thinks it's an alternative account of the banned account.
  3. Years ago, my friend got some alt accounts ( we both didnt own minecraft back then ), those accounts were generated or idk how to get accounts nowadays but you can get them for like a dollar per each. So when we logged in with that for the first time ever to Hypixel, it instantly denied both of us to connect saying that we need to confirm our email because those accounts were compromised.

    A quick google search like this: confirms my "theory"
  4. Alt accounts are not generated lol they are stolen accounts thats why they are selling them for 1 dollar each there is no such thing as a plugin that knows if your account is fake or not there is also no such things as buying account from blackmarket all minecraft accounts are bought on the mojang site thats all there is to it before you post something like this you should maybe learn a thing or 2 about how authentication works
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  5. Clarifying to what @Cobiy said, alt accounts are not not simply just "generated." The hackers use programs that search the web for sensitive and leaked information like usernames, emails, passwords etc. based on "dorks" they write. Then, they format the findings for it to become a "combo list." They then use something called a "checker" to see which ones of these combos are Minecraft accounts. Depending on the dorks the hacker used, only a small fraction of those combos actually turn out to be Minecraft accounts, and some of those alts could be already found and used before you did.

    There is no way you can simply just detect and block hacked accounts from joining your Minecraft server. The best you can do right now is to get a good anti-cheat plugin and configure it.