Spigot DenyTP 1.2

Prevents players from teleporting to certain regions with commands.

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    DenyTP - Prevents players from teleporting to certain regions with commands.

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  2. um. which plugin that has regions do we use?
  3. Opps for got to mention that. Worldguard.
  4. Disc


    I've been looking for something like this. Thanks!
  5. No problem, if you want anything added just ask. :)
  6. Amazing :D Works brilliantly! What you've made is perfect for my needs thank you so much.

    The only thing I could think that would make it better is to have an override permission so people with denytp.override would be able to teleport themselves (and maybe others) into a region.
    What could also work is even a per-region override so to teleport into "RegionX" you would need denytp.override.RegionX

    But these are just ideas - I don't desperately need them so don't worry about it :)
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  8. Opps, uploaded the wrong one. I'll put the new one in a sec.
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  9. can u fix essentials teleportation glich or when player is in lava or wather soo he can teleport
  10. Example in more detail please.
  11. i dont know if your still taking requists but im looking ro a plugin
    that when a player enters a region they tp to a x-y-z location

    thanks in advanced
  12. Does this support 1.13?
  13. Nice that you made this plugin but why? WorldGuard already has a rule for blocking commands in any region you want so this is just like doubling the same feature :(
  14. This was made in 2014. It's not for blocking commands. It's for blocking teleporting into a specific region from another location. For example, if player does /sethome in a region called "no-tp-allowed". When they do /home from anywhere, it will cancel it.
  15. Haven't tested it as I don't really maintain the plugin as I see no need for it. I believe it supports any MC version that is using WorldGuard 6 and lower. Just doesn't support 7.