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  1. I have a suggestion to premium resources. Let's say that you are selling two resources:
    - Player inventory synchronization - PIS - 1$
    - Cross server player synchronization - CSPS - 3$

    CSPS needs PIS as dependency, although these two plugins are paid. If someone buys CSPS he also needs to buy PIS. Would not it be cool if you buy CSPS you also get PIS? It would be really cool to have configurable option what projects you will get after buying certain addon.

    Looking for your response :)
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  2. jflory7

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    Might be easier for the developer to just package the dependent packages together in a single ZIP.
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  3. kevin.


    Or you could sell the dependency and make your other plugins free.
  4. Dmck2b

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    You mean all the project and make dependencies free? Otherwise the dependency price could be quite inflated for several plugins instead of several lower prices plugins.